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    Services provided:
  • Client consultation and market research
  • Space planning
  • Drawings, sketches, models, CAD drawings
  • Selection of furniture, lighting, fixtures, finishes, fabrics, rugs and accessories
  • Creating color schemes
  • Lighting Design
  • Window treatments, custom furniture, wall coverings
  • Cabinetry and wood work design
  • Commissioned art work
  • Universal Design

Our team:

We have a learned, experienced, meticulous, hardworking team of professionals – Interior Designer, Architect , Structural Engineer, Contractor, Landscaper, Painter, Upholsterer and Electrician.

Why do you need an interior designer?

You need a professional who sees beyond the existing space, has the education, experience and intuitiveness to put your needs and requirements of the space in a cohesive manner and carry out the project from start to completion. It saves money and time to hire a professional than to experiment and not get the result you want.

With so many color choices and furniture options one can get overwhelmed. An interior designer can help you focus on the ones that are a practical fit for you, your life style and budget.

An interior designer can show you various options for your budget.

If you want to create that unique look for your home , an interior designer has access to a vast array of products, furniture, furnishings and accessories that are available to trade only.

One needs a design professional as our needs change as we grow, our families grow.

A change is needed to freshen up the place. To add that home office when you decide to work from home.

Kids moving out and its time to have that spa like bath you always dreamed of.

Aging parents moving in, retrofitting the bathrooms and bedrooms for their needs.

You want to express your unique style.